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The Perfect Monday Group is a Creative Production Agency founded in 2008. The company is mainly based in Helsinki but is also active in Stockholm, Berlin and Los Angeles.

The company has been involved as a producer and coordinator in many big musical productions, festivals, concerts and charity events that have been arranged in Finland. We have initiated many artistic concepts, concert tours and have imported artists to Finland, mostly Swedish but also international stars. We have produced several TV-productions for YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) and MTV (Finnish Commercial TV).


We are specialized in:


- producing and coordinating cultural events, galas and concerts

- creative solutions for entertainment concepts

- artist- and project management                                                       

- TV formates and production

- musical production (writing, composing and production)


A few of the artists that we have worked with in different projects thru the years:


Eros Ramazzotti, Westlife, Victor Borge, Roxette, Mark Knopfler, Art Garfunkel, Sarah Brightman, Frida(from Abba), Ronan Keating, Paul Young, Robert Wells, Patricia Kaas, Tomas Ledin, Eva Dahlgren, Carola, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Alessandro Safina, LaGaylia Frazier, Dame Edna, The Real Group, Björn Skifs, Vanessa Mae, Ace of Base, Juliette Gréco, Chippendales, Jannike, Jari Sillanpää, Robin, Peter Jöback, Kerry Ellis and many more.


The Perfect Monday Group produced a cultural event for The Finnish President and The Swedish Royal Highnesses i Lappeenranta in March 2015.


The Creative Director/Songwriter/Executive Producer Niklas Rosström, has worked in show business for almost thirty years as a producer, artist, composer, arranger and manager. Currently he is the Managing Director of the company that produces concerts, galas, talent competitions, shows and big arena events. Rosström also works as a manager and agent for a few well known Finnish and Swedish artists. His all-round knowledge of the Nordic entertainment business and years of experience makes him a highly respected and well engaged producer in Finland. Coordinating big live shows and concerts is one of his strengths. He also works as a freelance musician and artist and has made guest appearances on over a hundred records and played with international stars on TV and in concerts.


Rosström initiated and produced the musical Hype that became an enormous success at Svenska Teatern (Swedish Theatre) in Helsinki in the 1990´s. He also produced the touring pop festival Popkalaset for eleven years.

In 2002 the Nordic Council celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gala concert at the National Opera in Helsinki. Niklas Rosström was the artistic director of the show that was broadcasted live all over Scandinavia. All Nordic presidents and Royal Highnesses were present at the gala.


In the year 2005 Rosström lead the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest delegation in Kiev. Rosström has also composed several songs for the national Eurovision Song Contest in Finland and he was the producer for the Euro Club during the international contest in Finland 2007.


In 2006 Niklas created a new concept called PlayMe - The Audition - The Game - The Show wich is a combination of a talent show and a youth musical. PlayMe made 100 performances during 2009-2010 at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki and was exported to Germany in 2012 and to China 2013-14.


The latest musical project Fighting Star – The Musical is a talent concept and a original musical for a wide audience.






About Niklas Rosström

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